Grow with Purpose

You want to build and grow an organization that reflects your values: we help you communicate your commitment to your potential customers, building awareness, trust and sales.
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Network and Learn

We work primarily with small and medium organizations, including non profits. We host monthly and bi monthly events to meet like minded entrepreneurs and professionals to grow your network, learn new skills, and increase sales.
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Up Your Game

How can you use your limited time and budget to achieve strong results? With all the different marketing options available to you, what should you focus on? And how can you run highly effective marketing campaigns, with a small team, or even just one junior or part time employee? We will help you find the best way to leverage your current resources and train and support your team to move your game to the next level.


For Organizations with a Purpose.

Marketing Strategy for Socially Responsible Brands

Interconnected Strategy

Everything is interconnected. We anchor your communication in the interconnection between your team and your community, your services and your values, always with strategy in mind.

Empathy and Authenticity

At the heart of all we do there’s a profound respect for people’s experiences. We plan and help you implement authentic communication that creates life-long customers and donors by precisely and effectively conveying all you do.

People Centric

It’s all about the people you serve: we help you focus on the needs and wants of your prospective customers or donors, putting them at front and center of all your communication and initiatives.

Results That Last

We plan and support you to achieve long term stability and results. We work with non profits and socially responsible companies that want to beat the odds and be around in 5-10-20 years.

Interconnected Strategy Marketing Results


For mission-driven companies.


Interconnected Strategy Resource Library

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