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About Aurora Meneghello

Aurora Meneghello is a transformational coach based in Los Angeles, California. She developed her approach to coaching throughout the years by integrating the teaching of several disciplines with her years of experience in marketing and communication. Her work with leaders and organizations consists of deep inner transformation and powerful action.

Aurora Meneghello is also the Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose, a unique program for Career Changers to use what they already know to do something new.

There is a strong need for leaders who can support people, create sustainable organizations and make a difference in the world. Interconnected Strategy is Aurora’s program to support individuals as they grow into the leaders they have always wanted to be.

Transformational Coaching

Experience deep coaching, designed to shift deep patterns and (re)connect you with your own wisdom. When you let go of beliefs that have been holding you back, get in touch with your own power, and thrive as a leader. Then you can take your organization or team to the next level.

Group Facilitation

Experience group programs and meetings designed to unlock the potential of the team to generate solutions and grow together

  • custom-designed participatory group processes
  • board retreats
  • transformative gatherings

Communication Consulting

Communication is key in effectively conveying the value and benefits of working with you.

When your clients, prospective donors, and potential partners understand the true value of what you provide, word of mouth, financial stability, and return on investment grow exponentially, allowing you to impact a much larger number of people.

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