Women in Tech – Live Panel on March 21st

Women in Tech Code District

Women in Tech – Live Panel on March 21st

I am excited to invite you to join me for Code District’s Women in Tech panel on Tuesday, March 21st, at Cowork South Bay. I will be moderating a panel discussion featuring seven amazing Los Angeles professionals.

Code District is a company and meetup group that offers training, career services, and networking events for developers and startup enthusiasts. The group often meets at Cowork South Bay in Torrance.

Women Voices in Tech Code District Interconnected Strategy

Here’s the full list:

Justine Cocchi – Techical Evangelist at Microsoft
Shelon Douglas – Innovation Strategist, Founder & CEO at BizTechIQ
Emily Jaffe – Software Engineer at Fandango Now
Timirah James – Core Development Evangelist at Verizon Digital Media Services
Ronnie Mok – Technical Program Manager, UX Design at Hulu
Maria S Redin – Strategy Lead at TwoBit Circus
Priscilla Vento – Founder/CEO at 30 Miles North

While preparing for this event it’s been my pleasure to connect with each of our panelists. Because our experiences are so varied, we’ll be able to tackle both the issues that women face as tech employees, whether at large companies or startups, and also delve into the difficulties we face as entrepreneurs. From overcoming self-doubt, to raising funds, from changing career to tackling the lack of diversity in tech, we won’t shy from addressing the issues that matter the most.

I will ask questions for about an hour, and then open up the panel to questions from the audience, before wrapping everything up. If you are looking for career advice, inspiration, or a chance to network with other women in tech, join us next Wednesday at 7 pm at Cowork South Bay in Torrance.

If you are looking to network and grow your business, join Interconnected Strategy’s Meetup Group – we get together in Culver City and the next event is all about finding a niche for your business. The group is open to business owners and entrepreneurs who share a desire to do good through their work.

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